jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

The Gun Club "Cry to me"

Yes Indeed
Base Our Sympathy
You Were Down
With a Southworn Heart
Deep In Your Tent
Never End
Let Me Be Your Friend
You Can Cry To Me

Yes I've Heard
Of Your Misfortune
Our Misfortunes
Are Nothing New
Yes It's True
I'm Watchin' You
This My Wish Is
To Be With You
You Can Cry To Me

So You're Man
He Can't Agree Now
Well Your Man
Ain't Here At All
Love Is Strange
Ain't It Strange
Let's Just Re-arrange
And You Can Cry To Me
Yes You Can Cry To Me

Whoah I Was Thinkin' Of You
Whoah I Might've Called
You Were Sad
Makes Me Mad
Of All the Love You Had
Things You Cry To Me
You Can Cry to Me
All right