viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Lif To Experience "Falling from cloud 9"

Rising to the top knowing I must fall.
Refeathered wings, salt the strings to remake the crawl to the top, and then take the fall again.
Blood soaked, gagged and chocked, lined face on stone, stripped bare, sucking in air,
this is my home, it seems with rock and the hard place stuck between.
The Godman Christ cause cursed man to the test.
And this Goddamned cross crushed into my chest I'm still doing my best.

And so the winter time comes calling.
Through the skies I'm crawling, from cloud nine, I've fallen.
And then the foolish times rush in.
It's no longer mine, life on cloud nine.

Place your dreams in a bottle, smash it to the ground, slip off you slippers and dance all around.
It's blood baby, it's just blood baby, it's just blood baby, it's just your precious blood.

I've come this far and I said I'd go all the way but these fevered winds sway stronger each day.
Yeah I'm fool's gold, and my heart's not right but I'd still sell what's left in my soul just to pay the tithe.
Shot down in the glory of my prime.
Only to find the bullets were divine.
So don't speak to me of heavens above, 'cos cloud nine is where I've fallen from.