martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Tom Verlaine "Song"

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Mr. Verlaine!

I think of you, I think of you
I had this friend who told me so
Coincidence cannot articulate the best
Events. She said she´d rather think of
Everything as accident, after all,it´s
All heaven-sent. She said I don´t think
Good but i know how to wait as if when
You wait it is no hours but some forgotten
Sense of time. It´s very kind of all those
Powers to feature love without design
Letters arrive, spelling out the wish so
Clear, making a language of desire and fear.
You said it´s not that way... God is not the
Name of God... you´ll send a drawing of the heart
I don´t draw well but I know how to wait as if...
I think of you listening to your father´s voice
Those endless speeches on "The Gift of Choice".
Love´s not a story I could ever read or write...
I guess you´d say I´m not so bright. Show me
How you if...
I am so fond of you, so fond of you.
 These difficult questions tell me a joke.