lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

The Twilight Singers "Last night in town"


Whenever you're here, you're alive
The devil says you can do what you like
Come what may, come what might
You'll see me there

They've come to bury you, child
And there's a man on the loose in your eyes
But should you stay and should you fight
You'll see me there

Dreaming, dreaming
Dreaming true and true
Screaming, oh my lord
When the scheme's undone
One will survive

Get in line
Take your broken number
I'll wait for you
'Cause, baby, I've (baby I've)
Come to take you under
Your number, I thought it up

It's easy, it's easy
Easy through and through
Easy, oh my lord
It's easy when there's

Nowhere to hide, in my
Love, take me now
You'll see me
In your disguise

I promise to be with you till the end
Or somewhere near the end, my love
I promise to be with you till the end
At least until you're dead